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Programs Supported

Sabtech Industries fulfills a significant role in the defense of our nation and its allies by supplying critical components for major combat and C4ISR systems worldwide. Our products support the initiatives of international navies to migrate their combat systems to network- centric, open architecture solutions. Sabtech products provide the warfighter and coalition forces with the real-time interoperability necessary to conduct the mission anywhere and anytime.

Combat Systems

Our products are an integral part of all U.S. Navy (USN) combatant weapon systems, which includes Aegis cruisers and destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, frigates and various amphibious ships.

Undersea Warfare

Sabtech provides the military standard interfaces which link together maritime aircraft, surface warships and submarines. They are an important component of the undersea warfare systems that perform detection, classification, display and targeting.


Sabtech's PCI and VME NTDS boards are currently used for electronic warfare, Link-11 communications and tactical navigation systems. Our ATDS boards provide the tactical data link used in airborne command and control and in surveillance systems for air forces worldwide. Where the need exists to collect and distribute critical information such as target tracks, messages and weapons data to decision-makers by monitoring an existing data stream, Sabtech's line of passive taps is deployed.


Our products are also used in radar programs of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and the U.S. Marine Corp (USMC.) Sabtech products provide critical components that support a wide array of USN surface ship radars, as well as land-based radars supporting the mission of the USAF and USMC. Numerous radar programs have benefited in the move towards open architecture with VME- and PCI-based solutions, supported by robust and efficient software drivers to match the respective system architecture requirements. Several approach control radar systems employ Sabtech products aboard aircraft carriers and amphibious class ships, and numerous track management systems provide computer-based radar data processing and automated radar target detection using Sabtech NTDS cards.


Sabtech is proud to be part of the USAF Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) upgrade program, which includes new mission computing hardware and software designed to increase capability and reliability while reducing life cycle costs.

Training and Simulation

Sabtech Industries provides a wide range of products that support the USN’s sea- and land-based training, simulation, and interoperability requirements.

Numerous USN laboratories use our products as cost-effective COTS replacements for obsolescent navy equipment such as displays, tape drives, and disk storage systems. Sabtech’s peripheral replacement products are afloat with the naval combatants of Canada, Poland, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey. Sabtech products are deployed with the armed forces of over seventeen nations.


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