NTDS Test Equipment

NTDS I/O Analyzer™ (NIA-II)

Sabtech’s next generation NIA-II is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that captures data exchanged between two actively communicating NTDS devices. The NIA-II provides the visibility that is essential to quickly analyze interface timing relationships, message protocols, throughput and data integrity on all types of NTDS interfaces. The NIA-II is an invaluable tool for development, maintenance and analysis of NTDS systems. The NIA-II is available as a rack mount or portable system.

NTDS Isolation Tap Boxes

Sabtech's line of NTDS Isolation Tap Boxes connect easily to existing cables on an active NTDS channel forming a “tee” connection that can be used for data monitoring and acquisition over long distances without introducing electrical interference.

Signal integrity is assured when using the Isolation Taps. The tap can be powered up or down with no impact to active NTDS communications. Isolation of the tapped signal from the tee connection is achieved by transformer-coupling it to the input stage of a separate active circuit. The tee circuit produces a regenerated NTDS signal that allows the remote monitor to be located at distances up to the maximum cable length specified in MIL-STD-1397C. Two versions are available to support NTDS serial and parallel interfaces:

NTDS Breakout Boxes

Breakout boxes provide a convenient way of connecting directly to NTDS signals for maintenance and troubleshooting. Breakout boxes allow test equipment to be connected to monitor the electrical characteristics of the interface, or to form a tee for data monitoring. It can also be used to adapt between different military and non-military connector types. We have two NTDS breakout boxes available:

NTDS Parallel Repeater

The Sabtech Parallel NTDS Repeater is the solution for operating a parallel NTDS channel beyond the maximum length specified in MIL-STD-1397C. It installs inline on an active channel, providing the signal conditioning and amplification needed to receive and retransmit NTDS signals up to 500 ft.